Friday, 2 November 2012


Mr.Asthana's appeal is well founded on principle of Law. Any legal novice will appreciate that there cannot be two sets of judicial verdict for equal sets of persons.Some associations in order to claim authorship or for rank ignorance might seek to impleadment,which at this stage would help delay judicial process.Instead they can wait for outcome and initiate a fresh case.A fallacious argument can be put forth that they can handle the case better then original contestant which may injure the rest of the class.This can be remedied by joint consultations with the advocate for Mr.Asthana.Besides MrAsthana has won in HC Rajasthan and matter is in appeal at SC.The matter should receive finality for other groups to file their case if need be.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

why terorists bleed mumbai?

I always find it nice to go thro' ur outrageous articles and this one too kindled my curiosity.
 Well,massive,intensive protests on streets to call  politicians to answer and seek solutions to 'stupid' Mumbaikers plight is an alternative,no doubt
.But what result  would it bring forth from smug politicians,is anybody's guess.. They are convoluted in their preoccupations, one-up man-ship, greed, pelf and power, they would outsmart the angry mobs.
aside killing some innocent lives during such protests, leaving  opposition to score some browny points to get elected, while some in ruling party jumping bandwagon to join them on eve of elections, until next terror strike
 By now all have seen how well intentioned anti-corruption movement was hijacked and made to look embecile by the corrupt political groups.
May I invite ur,attention to what upright Juliuo Ribeiro, articulated recently, in this connection?' If Muslim brothers, would give information to police about suspicious persons/incidents in their localities, it would
greatly assist intelligence of police'. However, this requires a precondition, that they must be made to feel secure, given respect and dignity which they deserve. In a rightist dispensation and Sainik atmosphere inMumbai
and perceived humiliation of minorities prevailiing , it is somewhat difficult for this to happen. The political class and police force thrive in such atmosphere,whither stupid Mumbaiker?
He needs to join forces of neutral NGOs and civil groups who only can take the lead for integrating community at grassroot level for a JIHAD against terrorism.
The richer class in every community have their own contacts and manipulative ways to circumvent and protect their interests.